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25 Responses to 2 WOMEN FIGHT OVER A MAN

  1. lanmibrt says:

    That’s why i hate black people. Animals….

  2. Destiny Nicole says:

    I died laughing when she said that lmfao

  3. Jetia Porter says:

    Cuz yall bought to brake the fence!!!! Lol

  4. Archie L says:

    Get off my god dam fence!! Hilarious

  5. lamondae says:

    i’m tired lol

  6. kadircan Aydoğan says:

    video by Drogba ???

  7. Diana Robles says:

    hair be flying!

  8. jpzee40208 says:


  9. anne adolphe says:

    im tired lollllllllllll

  10. Brooke Castro says:

    really??? your gunna grad her hair??? lllaaaaaammmmeeeee

  11. Shawn E says:

    Ghetto fab!

  12. Daysha Perkins says:

    Because I can..You mad?

  13. mackaylaarielle says:

    Tht is crazy people do stupid stuff like they was gone pay for another fence or sumthin LMBO

  14. nita washington says:

    Yall Bout to break the Fenceeeeeee

  15. rtwalker99 says:

    gotta love the “ghetto referees”…yall get off the fence…LMAO

  16. tapiaroberto49 says:

    Damn that fat lady was squishing that girl

  17. Edouard Petit says:

    Bitch Please !

  18. Toxicpens says:

    1:35 I’m tired! *then falls to the ground* Lmao!

  19. Jossuevaca says:

    Don’t touch her Husband

  20. T Stephens says:

    my girl in a di blue ave mi a roll dwl….LOOOOL 2 bloodclawt my girl sehh im tired now…she beat di adda gyal doe…..”put it on fb” dwl gangsta gyal dat…dwl…

  21. minecraftgalaxy46 says:

    Damn that was dope

  22. daejali zenino says:

    “Y’all is tearin up Mikey’s fence!!” Lmfao

  23. Aaliyah Mobley says:

    if its gets to the point u throw hands is the relationship still worth it ur nigga fucked up and fucked another bitch. i am not say thay u cant rough a bitch up once in a while i am jzt saying sayinggo for ur nigga before u go for the bitch i’m jzt keeping it 100

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  25. Cobrahead23 says:

    That’s one point off for holding the fence