BanyvsLatina (very intense girl wrestling)

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25 Responses to BanyvsLatina (very intense girl wrestling)

  1. luisitonegro1 says:

    Damn…Bany is sexy as hell. Is she still wrestling? Got anymore videos of her?

  2. donfromdenver says:

    can anyone tell me who produced this video or where to purchase it?

  3. agvoerdict says:

    Excellent match, but the amateur cameraman kept missing the action with closeups and chopped up shots.

  4. jennythighs says:

    @reneradi I agree totally with your comment, She could have won the fight in one or two minutes but she kept it going to show her superiority over the other girl.

  5. reneradi says:

    The young lady (blue) is very dominant during the fight. Constantly she can press the throat of the opponent with her forearm. I think that she performs this specially long to demonstrate her superiority. She already could have finished this fight by using a strangle hold or a sleeperhold in the first minutes.

  6. blktuffguy2000 says:

    wow smaller more skilled girl had her larger opponent moaning and whinning throughout match total domination

  7. hardonfromgirlfight says:

    Wow…! I get massively stiff from watching this…! I would like to slide my boner in between the buttcheeks of the blue girl and just pump away…

  8. tgwrestler says:

    Bany sure dominated this one. She’s petite but she has decent skills

  9. tremills997 says:

    The chick in Pink was so exhausted she couldn’t even stand up after she escaped. The girl in blue just pounced on her. I’ve seen the girl in blue wrestle a couple times before and she lost both matches, but the chick in pink had no business wrestling at all

  10. mhvr85 says:

    fucking girl in pink…didnt do anything to defend herself, she just hold her hand tight enought to let the baby in blue beat her up….STUPID BITCH

  11. BigoteFactory says:

    i love the way the girl in red struggles

  12. rogmc69 says:

    I hope the one in blue wins.

  13. jennythighs says:

    if you look at the first few seconds you can see the girl in the pink has a tentative scared expression on her face, she attacks first but within seconds the fight is already over and she knows it. There are cries of pain yes, but you can slso hear the shame and humiliation in her voice

  14. jennythighs says:

    She just so methodically dismantled the girl in pink, both girls are sexy, but the girl in blue nas an unbelievable ass, what a sexy sexy match. I think the girl in pink’s cries of pain turned the other girl on and made her even more dominant, I know just hearing them excited me

  15. mak4lyf2 says:

    thoze girls are hot

  16. blktuffguy2000 says:

    wow the way smaller girl beat the daylights out of the bigger girl

  17. dxsmackdown8 says:

    girl in blue has a GREAT ass-wow !

  18. bashirD says:

    hot, love the onepiece swimsuit

  19. ChevroletFan says:

    sexy chicks

  20. rakamig says:

    Did anyone say CP?

  21. billie11111 says:


  22. Lx1999 says:

    that smaller girl really dominated the latina in every conceivable way, i would have never thought it

  23. spiderdragon1969 says:

    who the hell keeps pissing in my flowers?

  24. DancerFunBecca1 says:

    Im hotter

  25. robotpanda77 says:

    Grabbing them around the neck? Is that a fair move?