Black Girl Hood fight 2013

Girl gets get her ass beat terribly and then her weave comes out.

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6 Responses to Black Girl Hood fight 2013

  1. Spoiledlove67 says:

    Lol ” if u can’t get the hell up it is wat it is” ppl are too funny but there was too much noise to be tending to the fight

  2. ImaFight Fan says:

    Girl in the purple how you get fucked up like that, that bitch whooped your head all over the place and then you got the nerve to stay on ground. You shoulda got your big ass up n started swinging with both hands.

  3. Futuregoddess2010 says:

    lmfao! her big ass got rag dolled by somebody half her size…she know damn well she was embarrassed… the look on her face when she got back up gave it all away! & the ones that kept screaming let her up need to just shut up! you oughtta know by now aint no rules in a street fight!

  4. sweet2passion2 says:


  5. kenyata says:


  6. tecknos africa says:

    interesting , interesting . after having watched tons of hood fightings videos on youtube I’ve came to the conclusion that we can earn money making televised fighting shows , the main protagonists would be black people (boys and girls) from the hood , ordinary people . this would drain lot of people and create jobs . hood fighting federation (not real fight , simulated fight only )