Cats Fighting in the Street

Both end up seriously injured (you can see a deep cut on the orange cat front leg and blood on his neck). They were literally pulling out their hair. Dark cat won the fight but left the place limping!

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25 Responses to Cats Fighting in the Street

  1. doesitmatter94 says:

    ummm..running up to them would easily frighten them and shoe them away. they arent tigers if you hadnt noticed.. a bit smaller in stature

  2. CaptainObvious0000 says:

    how the hell was the cute one slashed up so badly ?

  3. HToTheRMX says:

    How surprisingly silent for a cat fight. At the start, at least.

  4. dertrix37 says:

    ever thought they might be feral… have u ever stopped tigers from fighting… ever thought they might do this again with no one around? Animals don’t live by human morals they go by who’s ever stronger and survives wins.

  5. doesitmatter94 says:

    why didnt you separate them instead of letting try to kill each other?

  6. sweetyparson says:


  7. MajorasWrath1 says:

    PORQUE A LA NATURALEZA LE VALE VERGA QUE HACEN LOS HUMANOS. Esos gatos nomas se van a ir a otro lado a partirse la madre alrato.

  8. CounsilHan says:

    So they just stop and start chilling after?

  9. skunkredhair says:

    Animal Planet XD

  10. TheCobbfather says:

    Both end up ‘seriously injured’?

    A bit of an exageration there. A slight cut at worst


  11. JetStar9115 says:

    Bwaha oh nOooo, wonder wht they were fighting over O.o

  12. Crisgo3d says:

    Play the Guile theme from Street Fighter 2 while watching this.

  13. MrGise15 says:


  14. MrGise15 says:

    hijo de puta piche cabron sorete

  15. CF40 says:

    your a dumbass, cats are suppose to fight, so are every other living species. get over it pussy…. only a dumbass human would break up a fight between another species that doesnt even matter to us

  16. aLeXxORiGiNOficial says:

    Yeah fuck it I had to stick together giving him blood in pee yellow :( (

  17. NEMESISXX100 says:

    Ay se estan peleando .!No pendeja se estan dando de besos…:(

  18. Min3craftEpic says:

    I hate cat fighting. i hate it to see that. I WANT PEACE FOR CATS AND DOGS

  19. Aishah Anwar says:

    Say sleana 5 times clap 5 times post this to two other videos check your voice

  20. Sean Brennan says:

    Tombstone Piledriver @ 0:46

  21. LivingLifeless9 says:

    MMA: Catweight

  22. Emanuelgeforcefx says:

    0:39 start car and turn the car into reverse

  23. MrAirsoftNstuff says:

    That cat had a chunk of his leg gone

  24. 1011gamecube says:

    The cats leg whas bleeding

  25. K4ssius889 says: