Female Midget Wrestling-Princess Little Dove Vs. Diamond Lil

What’s better than midget wrestling? FEMALE midget wrestling!

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24 Responses to Female Midget Wrestling-Princess Little Dove Vs. Diamond Lil

  1. AlexDCl says:

    I have this DVD, it’s awesome.

  2. Nick Smiljanic says:

    this gives me a boner lol

  3. nicktesla45 says:

    The Benefit of having Midget friends is that they can give you a blow-job without having to go down on their knees . Hey ! don’t laugh what Midgets lack-for in Height they make up for in the length of Tounge . ha ha ha ha ha

  4. john doe says:

    wonder when and where this was. it reminds me of early 80s

  5. J Spruill says:

    Princess Little Dove does have a phat ass

  6. germanytank78 says:

    damn midget woman are so hot ! i love her booty.

  7. TheEnviousdominous says:

    Japanese women are barely over 5 feet tall.

  8. yaadiigx3 p says:

    Shorties have big booties. I would know myself lol. This was cool.

  9. morzloks says:


  10. adrian alonso says:

    midgets come from oregon.

  11. larry roussel says:

    freeking midget chicks are savage!

  12. Jeff G says:

    Actually BOTH girls will come up short, Peter

  13. albatross1977 says:

    Actually, I think midget porn came first. A friend of mind found some during the mid 90′s and we all got a kick out of watching it.

  14. mrkindness1 says:

    Princess has a nice face and a phat azz!

  15. CheapRubbers says:

    that already happened

  16. Tyler Marquez says:

    Peter S. Murutz that’s corny

  17. wcsxwcsx says:

    Look at those curves! How can you not be impressed?

  18. forust98 says:

    This is not real wrastling!

  19. 300tunes says:

    This is pretty fcked up, What’s next midget porn?

  20. Tom Snyder says:


  21. GlamorousSugar says:


  22. Tom Snyder says:

    so freaking good

  23. savage35744 says:

    Like to be the ref to hear every slap punch and grunt

  24. Raisin1228 says:

    If only there was Japanese female midget wrestling…