female wrestling black girl vs asian girl

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23 Responses to female wrestling black girl vs asian girl

  1. Gurlfitewtcher1 says:

    If I could put the black girl on a cardio program and teach her a few more techniques she could rule her weight division easily

  2. xIegionx says:

    @SagesseNoir different girl. Her name is something “Dragon”. She wears a mask. She’s unstoppable.

  3. SagesseNoir says:

    @xIegionx Is the champ the same Asian girl or a different one from the one here?

  4. xIegionx says:

    @SagesseNoir oddly enough in “Ultimate submission” the champion is an asian girl

  5. SagesseNoir says:

    Fairly competitive match. Black girls hard earned victory, and the Asian girl has nothing to be ashamed of given her great performance.

  6. justnoughtysally says:

    im hotter

  7. peacekazuki says:

    The Asian girl tried her best too bad she lost.

  8. NakedCreep says:

    Wait a minute how did I get to this video.

  9. wweuploader639 says:

    i saw black girls boob

  10. Gurlfitewtcher1 says:

    This was not the first round? The sister seemed to be in respiratory distress at the outset..she seems to have strength and some skill but I would like to train her for cardio
    I would like to offer the Asian girl strength training
    They would also make an excellent tag team I think

  11. willberb says:

    The face sitting worked wonders for my horney.

  12. willberb says:

    It’s sad that the asian girl has a tattoo. She should respect herself more than that.
    Also she could have tried for the figure 4 butt lock.

  13. Prrooshka says:

    What a load of crap.

  14. 009JUSTYN says:

    @girlwatcherfight well said. for me though its all about the submission, i love that moment when one of the fighters realizes she’s beaten has no choice but to quite. you can see it in their face you know, like they don’t want to but their forced. so i have to disagree, the end is what really gets me hot.

  15. girlwatcherfight says:

    Man I gotta wonder if that black girl has any idea how sexy she looks when she wrestles. While the asian girl looks like she’s struggling even while in contol. OMG that was sooo hot hearing the black girl cry out in pain from the asains strong legs. They both looked out of their elemint yet sexy as hell doing it. That cute black girl almost looks like she’s waiting for her mommy to help her. It’s the sounds, their looks and their movments that I find erotic in a f vs f match not the end

  16. itsmeagainisntit says:

    It might sound racist to say this but if you had a group of black, Asian and white girls of about the same age and size then I would expect the black girls to be slightly stronger than the Asians who would be slightly stronger than the whites. Of couse there would probably be quite a few exceptions but that is the rule I would follow if I was a book maker or a gambler.

  17. cooledkill says:

    In my option the Asian had no upper body muscle if it wasn’t for that the black lady would of lost for she had no skill in wrestling just relied on muscle.The Asian had better skill better move just no strength to finish.

  18. nogoingback50 says:

    @Raptastic56 maybe, i just see more muscle bulging out of the black girl. would be good to measure!

  19. Raptastic56 says:

    @nogoingback50: I think you’re still underestimating exactly how much of a difference something like 10 pounds of pure muscle would make. If the black girl is that much heavier (she isn’t by much) it would be more like by 3-5 pounds. They’re pretty evenly matched.

  20. nogoingback50 says:

    @Raptastic56 yeah true, maybe not 20

    they are both skinny but the black girl does have a lot more visable muscle, maybe 10lbs

  21. Raptastic56 says:

    @nogoingback50: 20? Yeah right, they were both about the same weight, pretty stringy.

  22. nogoingback50 says:

    black girl had to be 20lbs more in pure muscle!

  23. heelboy says:

    Good, hard, fight. Both girls gave it their all. The black girl prevailed–and looked great pinning the asian girl.