Female wrestling-My Wife v Robin (fighting to pin her)

my wife was into bodybuilding at the time, and she was able to pin me :) . I don’t even remember how this segment ended, and as you can see it was real. The tape was cut off at a bad time, for me especially (:

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5 Responses to Female wrestling-My Wife v Robin (fighting to pin her)

  1. kenwrestleme says:

    wow i have always fantasized about y wife wrestling robin….love to see more of this vid!!

  2. kampdog says:

    Awesome. My wife wrestles also.

  3. FemdomShare says:

    Robin looks wonderful.

  4. nyrockboxer says:

    @mxboxer hahaha dont be hating, some of us just happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right woman…I dont have all 4 points like he got, only 2 of them, but even that is more than happy cuz its better than none!

  5. mxboxer says:

    Wait just a minute. You are saying that your wife
    1) let you wrestle other women
    2) would wrestle you.
    3) would wrestle other women.
    4) was into body building.

    How did you score this deal?
    Still married to her?