Ghetto Girl Fight 2013

Ghetto Girl Fight 2013. cocaineemonroee12 videos. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 93. 955 views. Like 7 Dislike 1. Like Girl Weave Flies Off During Ghetto Fight 2013by reddforeverloyal23 48978 views · 149. Watch Later Kstylis Booty Me Downby cocaineemonroee 112 views · 046. Watch Later Girl Gets Slammed during Ghetto Fight 2013by reddforeverloyal23 480 views · 352. Watch Later ghetto fightsby youngkrew2327 22997 views · 418. Watch Later Ghetto Girl Fightby therealderpina 21219

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17 Responses to Ghetto Girl Fight 2013

  1. shaun bell says:


  2. Denishia Sky says:

    LMAO!,,, blasthiphop brought me here

  3. patriciau2012 says:

    only hoes jump..! scary ass couldnt fight one on one..!

  4. ashlee perry says:

    Damn ! Lol

  5. SexyNoLabel says:

    Lmao I’m new to the block.. You crazy haha damn them big girls got fucked up smh

  6. Mrz. Dollaz says:

    they wasnt playin!!! bitxhz started bustin!!!

  7. Betta Known says:


  8. MhsBlue says:

    Dem hoez weak sauce!!!

  9. ballaballalw says:

    good video ty for uploading

  10. ballaballalw says:

    I’m new to the blog xd

  11. jamericangrl816 says:

    she was just standing out there with her titties all hanging out like tht shit was normal

  12. indiajordan90 says:


  13. Simin Coleman says:

    I’m new to da block fucked around n founds sum action

  14. Jessica Hall says:

    Y do people always have to shoot don’t be mad because u got your ass beat u when some u lose some

  15. Deacon Womack says:

    Well I have to give it to the little girls by TKO and points…The shooting is unnecessary y’all!

  16. Deacon Womack says:

    Where did this taking place?

  17. latashalilj13 says:

    Damn people shootin N shit?? Smh…time to go. LMFAO.