Girl Beats Up Boy [You Got Knocked The !! Out]

A butch lesbian beats up on a boy who doesn’t fight back. Taking several lashes from the female gang member dude gives up and falls to the ground which angers the girl more and she begin brutally beating up on him. Is this gangsta or ignorant? You be the judge! For more urban news visit,

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25 Responses to Girl Beats Up Boy [You Got Knocked The !! Out]

  1. NotSureWhatToPut says:

    This is what happens when 15 year olds have babies.

  2. CLeprechaun says:

    lol can I date her?

  3. reaperofsquirrels12 says:

    Stupid black people.

  4. nickolis says:

    WTF!! I WOULDA KNOCKED THAT omg.. this is a disgrace to men

  5. SHUNDE2 says:

    @JUNIORROCK u could have kept dat comment to urself

  6. JUNIORROCK says:

    god i hate lesbians

  7. hazefarma says:

    “i shood b a ’03″ at 6:18 hahahahaha

  8. MsYaya2005 says:

    Fake ass hell.. The boy was fuck up and drunk …. They all need to find somthing else to do. Like clean up the house or apt. Dirty ass

  9. dredrizzlelala says:

    that shit was weak. she would have looked alot better if she left it alone after the first exchange when she dropped him. instead of doing all that hollering and jumping around, if he was drunk that makes her look even worse.

  10. MrKidgeorgia says:

    And another thing,, if da table was turned and he beat her azz, she would have went downtown to press charges on dat nigga!! Dats how bitch azzez do!!! Girl Stop da madness!!

  11. MrKidgeorgia says:

    She ignorant as hell!!! Dats why I don’t fuck with dem lesbian bitches!! I would catch a fucking charge!!! I don’t care how fucked up I am I would have dragged dat bitch!!!! Nigga need to get on mah team!!

  12. dehiso1 says:

    she cute as hell loll am sorrii but if yu cant take some hits from a female would it make it any better if yu take it from a dude like cum on knw dis goes 2 show if he would have got jumped he would act jst like dis or worse datz all i got to say

  13. bamaboy4101 says:

    frist all bitch fuck with some real nigga s some B.G.D nigga s like me tha kill yall fake ass bitches folks 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. bamaboy4101 says:

    frist all bitch fuck with some real nigga s some B.G.D nigga s like me tha kill yall fake ass bitches folks 4 life

  15. Marck07 says:

    tell this hoe come see me im from miami i will beat the fuck out her pussy ass this hoe sad drunk and all! pussy ass hoe!

  16. dare2b84 says:

    she was real excited cuz she beat that lil boy up. glad it wasnt me. i dont condone ever hitting a female but she thought she was tough tony and i wlda knocked her azz smoov in2 nxt week. i hate when people act like they so hard. he didnt even hit her back like… whaaat??? guuurl, i gotta a few fems over here that will work that azz out. she was siked LOL! A MESS! FOH! Neither one of em can fight and she was braggin sooo hard…

  17. LadyOfMj says:

    @QueenBoss8119 Oh well he should have never took he shirt off like he was about to do something dnt make excuses for a nigga you dnt even know.

  18. Brandon85923 says:

    & talkin loud, beatin up a lil boy dnt make ppl scared of you, & dont mean u hard or whatever, kno who fears me everyone around here, know how many fights i been in none since i was lil lil kid, know how many times i raised my voice, never, & everybody fear me, dont nobody fuck wit me, im not braggin by any means, i just give off a vibe & ppl been scared me my whole life, you wanna kno why cuz i dnt play dat stupid bs u do i got do nothin to make ppl fear me, only thing fear is no fear

  19. Brandon85923 says:

    stupid, talkin bout family my niah wtf ever, talkin bout bein a gangster dont know first thing bout being a muafukin gangster, a succesful gangster let me put it that way, ignorant, thats all there is too ignorant and stupid muafukaz cuz think whatever but i know ignorant, & just cuz he nt tryin fight a bia dnt mean he pussy he might cap ur azz idk, its either worth killin & diein for or it aint worth nothin feel me, and that was just stupid bs uncalled for made her seem weak psychology all day

  20. kiyeean says:

    -_- bitch u got the whole world wantin ta whoop yo ass right bout now that was sum fucked up shit sum1 gon jump ha ass n i wanna be the first ta c it

  21. dpizzleify says:

    @QueenBoss8119 i know! that was the most ignorant shit that ive ever seen. that sickens me to my stomach.

  22. JustGaPaid says:

    damn she had dis nigga bowin at her feet DAFUCK!!!? O_O

  23. QueenBoss8119 says:

    ( Note from my homegirl)
    now ima a stud myself dis is wat i gotta say dis bitch think she is so hard da dam boy drunk i bet she wont wont fight a sober person, and i guess she thought she was doin sumthin tryna be super saver hoe when she claim she had his back with dat gang da bitch probaly borrowed sumebody gun to take wit her, real dudes dont step down to know female and dey will fight yo ass like a dude she couldnt have did 2 much

  24. QueenBoss8119 says:

    oh….. for all the punches she was throwing how come the boy face clean???????????????????!!!!! Lol no blood , no swelling, no nothing Lmao off! And clean yall house before putting something for the world to see!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. QueenBoss8119 says:

    Ummm first off the boy looked like he aint nothing but 15 or 16 years old. Not only that but he looked drunk as hell. Now I have seen alot of fights in my day and who the fuck puches someone when they obviously can fight no more. She soooooooo sorry! She needs to take her loud ignorant ass to someone who is not drunk and her age and see what the she can do. Damn and all those mf’s that was just watching it need to get hit too. How it look like a grown ass women beating on a child!