Girl Fight: Big Girl vs Small Girl

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19 Responses to Girl Fight: Big Girl vs Small Girl

  1. Ramsey Kizziah says:

    Neither one of the girls can fight

  2. Jahnnie Montes says:

    Small gummy beat vs big gummy bear

  3. enrike095 says:

    como una enana le kiere enfrentar a esa….enana idiota

  4. makayladavisnashua says:

    Don’t put fights on the internet if it’s boring

  5. Amy Bender says:

    That’s a shame big bitch is weak as fuck sit down acting like her hand hurt all she doin is slappin smdh

  6. Kandii Jaii says:

    All She Doing Is Slapin Her

  7. courtney curry says:

    Wow!! I all for the small girl. Pick on someone ur own size big fatty!!

  8. pandaslayton says:

    If I was there I would of knocked the big bitch dwn smh

  9. waldoh415 says:

    I know damn well that big ass bitch dont think she sick kus she beat up the midget! that big bitch need an ass whoopin foreal

  10. ArabicObsessions says:

    The little one should have just walked in head low and sunk her teeth into a roll of fat and bite in hard…like a bulldog snarling and shit…until that big thing starts screaming …”I’m done”…sometimes you have to put a finger up the dog’s ass to make it let go…lol

  11. jay wilson says:

    oh my ….like a real life godzilla trying to take over tokyo my goodness lol

  12. bob dicknose says:

    are you kidding me? the big girl didnt even try..
    id say the fucking short girl did better honestly.
    this was fucking pathetic, i would have decked the fatass myself if i wsa there just cause i know she wouldnt have done shit.
    she was terrified of a 4foot tall midget

  13. bob dicknose says:

    oh my fucking god she hits twice then stops

  14. bob dicknose says:

    how the fuck didnt the big girl win in 3 seconds

  15. natasha-marie fernandez says:

    thats like punching a smurf

  16. KennySpennySamantha says:

    fight someone you own size u fuckin avatar bitch . u not hard for this shit at ALL .

  17. Caroline JoAmie says:

    this is the most funniest stupidest shit ever :D

  18. leilagalarza says:

    Pathetic FIGHT

  19. Chris Lopez says:

    hell no, I know size doesn’t usually matter but the shorter girl couldn’t even reach the other gir, it wasn’t even fair