girl fight match Antscha vs Nadia

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10 Responses to girl fight match Antscha vs Nadia

  1. samimiwe says:

    zwei gut-gebaute girls in sehr gutem match.

  2. hansvanerk says:

    Two of the most gorgeous wrestlers in action; pleasure garanteed.


    @Czerniakowska After losing to Xana and Robin leading up to the fight, I think Anne know she would lose and that Antscha really wanted to kick her Ass really good, They had a big gudge and exchanged a few E-mails that got heated. Antscha told me she really disliked Anne and was not going to hold back. I think Anne was afraid to lose another match to a top fighter.

  4. Czerniakowska says:


    Well, what can I say? The ways of women have long been beyond my understanding and it is certain that they will remain so.


    @Czerniakowska Anne said she would do the match if Antscha agreed to full Slapping, armbars and chokes allowed. Antscha agreed to all those rules to be allowed. I guess Anne didn’t think she would fight under those rules because she never showed up for the match.
    Anne was trained in Wrestling by beatrice goff and has more years of wrestling on the mats then Antscha. There should be no excuses. Anne E-mailed me she was suprised that Antscha agreed to fight her with slapping. Anne was afraid!

  6. Czerniakowska says:


    You can only really ever compare like with like and there are now so many variations of rules that it’s quite common for one fighter or the other to be outside her comfort zone. Anne likes to box and kickbox and Robin doesn’t do those things. DWW still doesn’t permit chokes or arm bars. The girls often fall out with one another. They’re girls!


    @Czerniakowska Robin did really put a beatdown on Anne, could not beleave Anne quit the match early. Robin really called her out after the match for being weak and not finishing the match. Some of the best trashtalking I’ve heard after a match.


    @Czerniakowska Antscha agreed to allow fully slapping and BJJ moves to get Anne to Agree to the fight, there was bad blood between the 2 of them and Antscha really wanted to settle it on the mats. It would have been Antscha’s first match with slapping allowed.
    What other fighters did Anne back out of fights with?

  9. Czerniakowska says:


    Anne has done that sort of thing before and may have lost some confidence since being mercilessly slaughtered by Robin. It would have been a different story if Anne had been allowed to use her kickboxing and Muay Thai skills, but rules are rules!


    This was a very close matches, with the winner only getting one submssion in the finial secons of the match. Antscha was booked to fight Anne Hurricane in a match, but Anne chickened out a few days before the shoot.