GLGCraft 2.0 (Crazy Craft Mod) – Episode 6 – GIRL FIGHT, How To Get a Girlfriend! HAHAHA

GLGCraft 2.0 (Crazy Craft Mod) GIRL FIGHT, How To Get a Girlfriend! Today’s episode we finally figured out the way how to make out girlfriends follow us all …

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25 Responses to GLGCraft 2.0 (Crazy Craft Mod) – Episode 6 – GIRL FIGHT, How To Get a Girlfriend! HAHAHA

  1. regulerlife says:

    If there’s two beds they sleep with u

  2. Chandler guzman says:

    Lovvveee The Series! Hope You Get Ariana Grande! Tip: The Amethest
    (purpleish rock thing) Can make swords and armour. Btw Diamonds Make The
    Gfs stay or they give health or happiness one of those GLG FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!
    glg wall plz i fan

  3. Manicwarfare says:

    Right click her with a yellow flower

  4. Dagamerzshow says:

    If you kill a spider you can climb up walls
    Also wall of glg would be amazing I love your vids

  5. shawn lee says:

    If you give them a dimound they stay ad my name is awesome_bocca

  6. Jaclyn Wooz says:

    Waall of glgs!

  7. junior betancourt says:

    Wall GLG 

  8. xXInfiniteMistXx says:

    Just saying Ryan you can craft the Ultimate Tools and Armor. Most OP armor
    in the game. Big Bertha is the most OAP sword in the game though. :-) 

  9. manraj sekhon says:

    Wall of GLG plz I big fan keep goin but can u plz post a bit more Dino’s
    with craft Many

  10. equestraincrazy13 says:


  11. Sawyer Huckabee says:

    Hi now add my to the wall

  12. Hector Padron says:

    You can tame your dragons and ride them and you can also tame the dinosaurs
    you have

  13. Devon DeCarlo says:

    Fly above the big tree outside your house and you will find ore blocks alot

  14. Kaleb Jaster says:

    Plz put me on wall of glg I told u guys origanaly about the goodness tree
    and yes that’s the name

  15. Darkhunterdoesmc says:

    You should do what ever u want bro luv ur vids! Keep up the good work!

  16. LighterAnd DarkCraft says:

    you can change your girl friend with a yellow flower wall of
    glg-LighterAndDarkCraft Clan

  17. Anthony Hill says:

    Things to do:
    1.tame velocity raptor w/ apples.
    2.make your boo thang twerk by making a pole (w/ fences) than put a gold
    blk under it.
    4.give your boo a sword (I also think you can put armor on her to) by right
    3.when you find a huge tree chop the bottom wood and keep doing it till you
    hit the middle of the tree.

  18. foxeegurl says:

    give ur girlfriend a diamond then she will stay still 

  19. jenny hernandez says:

    You can change her close by a yellow flower

  20. Chai Weng says:

    You make a girlfriend by giving her a diamond 

  21. Josue Morales Garcia says:

    U can give ur girlfriend a sword 

  22. Andrew Palacios says:

    Wall of Glgs 

  23. Hailey Cox says:

    U should get separate house from each other 

  24. joeehrusso says:

    ryan pls turn off the music

  25. louise venters says:

    wall of glg! & you can change your girlfriend by right clicking her with
    yellow flowers:-)