Hairpulling Filipina Catfight

Two Filipina housewives in SERIOUS HAIRPULLING FIGHT! Unfortunately due to YouTube rules I have to cut the video here but it does become extremely tough…

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25 Responses to Hairpulling Filipina Catfight

  1. jodafro says:

    @MsTerryYoza thank you :) that’s not a problem we’re on a long road to get together . it will be worth it . she is worth it. i look but don’t touch hahaha

  2. MsTerryYoza says:

    @jodafro yea i saw that video too haha thats wat i called filipina fighter with no limit and breeding so dont cheat like that or else.. lol juz kiddin. goodluck!

  3. jodafro says:

    @MsTerryYoza it was still fun to watch hahaha i saw an a video where one girl beat up another cuz she finds her husband in the mall with a girl he was cheating with and the wife went beserk!! i have a girlfriend from the philippines and that mall video made me glad i’m not a cheater hahaha

  4. plus24seven says:

    unsa mani … ga unay!? hahaah

  5. TheRockrickrock says:


  6. jodafro says:

    . maganda!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. dxsmackdown8 says:

    its still sexy to watch

  8. jose30076 says:

    this just looks like lesbian porn

  9. firewrecker says:

    the sounds they made was like fucking each other arses

  10. MDiqeneral30 says:

    i would whoooop both of there asses !

  11. gonzopoet says:

    If you think this is real, you obviously haven’t seen Filipina girls fight for real.


  12. reyne1978 says:

    They’re like a pigs in the cage, fighting for food… Shame on them!!!!!

  13. renafan3333 says:


  14. golfdude2007 says:

    @MsTerryYoza ….do you think you could out fight the Chubby Filipina,hummmm?

  15. MsTerryYoza says:

    @golfdude2007 of course only 3 times, but not like that lol..

  16. golfdude2007 says:

    @MsTerryYoza … wat is a Filipina fight? have you ever been in one????

  17. TheViviantulliao says:

    walang kwenta!!!! bwiset!!

  18. mexicanprincess13x says:

    they dont know hoew to fight!

  19. dragonworld2008 says:

    girls no hair pulling

  20. geliana67 says:

    it’s not real and fake..that’s not the real way of how filipina fight.. CUT!!!!

  21. vadzki says:


  22. HassanLuv78 says:

    I got a boner watching that…LOL

  23. HassanLuv78 says:

    I got a boner watching that…LOL

  24. MsTerryYoza says:

    totally fake theyre juz fuckin a filipina, but if its real, theres someone who can handle them for real, looks like d camera man starts fantasizing lol, hello??!! @ the bed? and theyre juz doin like that rollin out of bed and kinda pullin hair in a slow motion.. “duh” dats not a filipina fight.. lol.

  25. breadbaker226 says:

    true love…