interracial competitive belgian female wrestling in swimsuits

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6 Responses to interracial competitive belgian female wrestling in swimsuits

  1. floatingcompassmedia says:

    she was soft and weak, just not enough for this strong blk girl. The white girl was totally dominated, and she looked embarrassed to.

  2. coolmoodee says:

    blk girl got some serious white feet

  3. arthie9 says:

    @blktuffguy2000 This is one of the best wrestling videos on the net. i love the way Tania dominates, intimidates, hurts and destroys the ego of her larger opponent. This is truly a mismatch. Tania is in a far superiour league than the loser here. Tania toyes with her and humiliates her again and again to the ammussment of the fans.

    Look at the power and leverage she uses in her headlock takedowns! Her biceps must be as hard as steel.

    What an awsome woman and wrestler.


  4. jonwodd55 says:

    no doubt!tania is one tough cookie,seen her destroy many women,i would luv to see her wrestle xana,that would be one for the ages!!

  5. stranraer9 says:

    yep the black girl dominates with her extra strength !

  6. blktuffguy2000 says:

    This is one rough black chick tania shows she is stronger quicker meaner more skilled than any of her opponents she intimidates most as ive seen a video where she destroyed a white girl name luzia who is quite a good fighter herself