KO vs Tawny wrestling

This is the last part of the 3 part series. KO dominates Tawny every time. See the first two, full length falls, at allnaturalko dot com

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24 Responses to KO vs Tawny wrestling

  1. LinkSOB says:

    @wjb4341 I’m sure you’re around the line of thought of it being progressively worse for Flex Wheeler and Maruisz Pudniazowski.

  2. wweewweewweewweewwee says:

    the blonde is flabby and without muscles…ko is awesome!

  3. bran0613 says:

    She didn’t do that against kristy

  4. greni72 says:

    Very Strong and Sexy Woman !!!

  5. 4xelSimon says:

    hahahaha funny! -.-

  6. wedingo says:

    i would love to try this with her but i’m afraid, penile fracture is really dangerous

  7. k1ngdragon411 says:

    at the end KO is still a woman

  8. jor99912 says:

    Girls with Super Arms are very Difficult for other Girls. Because she has the Upper body strength of a Male & She still has the Legs of a Woman! That comes from out of nowhere & snatches You!

  9. floatingcompassmedia says:

    that guy was all over her

  10. beatmanick says:

    @Radaral2: cute girls. the girl in red too that like a wimp however

    u eva seen her wit watermelon? yeah, then lets see u take it like a champ then.

  11. arthie9 says:

    @YTEdy is Tawny a masochist? like me?

  12. YTEdy says:


    Google KO WB270 and it should come up (wasn’t able to link it here)

    I met KO, she’s a fun person to talk to, and a great wrestler and she throws punches like she’s had some training.

  13. hictecnic says:

    I’m “friends” with Kortney on Facebook.

  14. nyrockboxer says:

    @AndrewHVT I agree, though even someone just “sturdier” wouldnt stand much a chance, because KO has some decent knowledge of holds. I wish she would treat us to an exhibition against someone “sturdier” who ALSO knows how to wrestle. KO isnt just strong but also very competitive and it would be awesome to see her against someone along the lines of Cindy Huntress…now THAT would be a DREAM match!

  15. Radaral2 says:

    cute girls. the girl in red too that like a wimp however

  16. osar2009 says:

    OMG, in a threesome with these 2, I’d be the bitch hehe!

  17. arthie9 says:

    Ms Olson, would you share with us your stats??


  18. leilanimark says:

    @AndrewHVT The first submission was like a guillotine hold? She clearly knows what she’s doing. Has she ever wrestled other women (aside from Tawny)?

  19. RhinoRodriguez76 says:


  20. wjb4341 says:

    Not really a fair match… KO is super strong. She should wrestle Hulk Hogan – I bet she would win. The Hulkster is big and used to be very strong but he now has a bad back and no longer works out much. KO is faster, probably stronger and her stamina is worlds better. The Hulk would have his hands full from the onset of the match, quickly become exhausted and then I think KO would just mop the floor with him. Tap him out, choke him out, even make him cry… she could do whatever she wanted.

  21. AndrewHVT says:

    Incredible thighs, for sure. She needs a sturdier opponent, though, who won’t keep tapping out so soon–that really breaks up the action. (Can’t really blame her opponent, though; those legs could literally put someone in a death grip.)

  22. Vindicator58 says:

    Best thighs in the country.

  23. KR1PT0NITE says:

    Were is the Jelly?

  24. hensolo10 says:

    y do all your vids get takin’ down i luv them