Newburgh girl fight

William street again.

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9 Responses to Newburgh girl fight

  1. nykiaporter47 says:

    Where this at them bitches is pussy i swear get off my block bitch shut up and eat a dick

  2. john doe says:

    Haha Amanda got her ass whooped & chased off lol

  3. lili m says:

    beat her ass !

  4. armoniasia2 says:

    High haters fuck all u niggas hating on Newburgh

  5. Francisco Velasquez says:

    hold the camera the right way you idiot

  6. PreczZeZlem says:

    only niggers can be so happy when girls fight… like animals…

  7. jsilz1 says:

    “we here” AKA we’re going no where in life, carry no value towards society, and will never amount to anything other than what you see in this video. broke ass trash couldnt wash the rims on my lexus.

  8. jmiahwilliams1 says:

    Smh niggaz need to get they money up

  9. carolinesanchez42 says:

    That’s crazy didn’t have to do that to her shit but ghetto people are gonna do that not everyone: from newburhh is weak or ghetto but there’s a lot of them