Ratchet Girl Fight

Ratchets going at it over twitta beef. Look at my tags, oh.

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9 Responses to Ratchet Girl Fight

  1. ThatGirlJasmineee says:

    lmaaoo youre burnt ! haha

  2. lovemealways97 says:

    I thought the skinny bitch was standing in the trash can hahaha

  3. signbylexi says:

    Man wat is this world coming to

  4. deadmic says:

    I am so glad that girl got embarrassed. People that depend on fake hair shudb slapped around for being stupid and looking stupid, like a mannequin.

  5. yosemasangel says:

    i will

  6. ThatGirlJasmineee says:

    lol yeah show your friends!! thank you :)

  7. yosemasangel says:

    That was a good fight though

  8. ThatGirlJasmineee says:

    lol she just ripped her weave/tracks out but the big girl knocked her head on the concrete really bad!

  9. yosemasangel says:

    what happened to the african gurl. I thought she could fight