Rumble Roses XX half naked girls wrestling game on PlayStation 2 – Remember you can embed, comment, rate and subscribe. “Rumble Roses is going to blow gamers away, not only because it features the sexiest wrestlers in the ring, but also because it has the best wrestling action in any game,” said Rob Goff, product manager at Konami Digital Entertainment – America. “While our in-game characters are stunning and full of attitude, we’ve made sure that this beauty is backed up by plenty of muscle, including an arsenal of bone-crushing moves and styles for each wrestler that will keep gamers coming back for more.” Providing an experience not found in any other wrestling game, the beautiful ladies of Rumble Roses can dish out the dirt in the much talked about and highly anticipated Mud Mode. Delivering realistic mud matches, players will literally see mud sliding off these sexy wrestlers in their revealing bikinis after each take down in the mud pit. Much more than just eye candy, the vicious vixens of Rumble Roses pack a roster of deadly moves, including traditional suplexes, kicks, elbows, and special moves for each character. Rumble Roses’ unique combat system allows for characters to taunt or even place their foes in compromising positions, resulting in super “humiliation” moves to put opponents down for the count. Players can choose to fight dirty or fair, influencing each wrestler’s “good” or “bad” persona. Changes in persona can unlock each character’s alter ego, with totally new costumes, moves and personality, providing

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7 Responses to Rumble Roses XX half naked girls wrestling game on PlayStation 2

  1. moshymoshy1234 says:

    @gameboyuk if it was ps2 it would have X O square and triangle not A B LT RT.. retard

  2. TheHacker667 says:

    idiot this is for xbox 360 not ps2.the ps2 version name is “Rumble Roses” ONLY!!!!!!

  3. Xavier2124 says:

    Isnt this for the Xbox 360?

  4. AlphaOmega503 says:


    find me a ps2 version of RRXX then. I’ll pay you double your money.

  5. gameboyuk says:

    Yes it is

  6. AlphaOmega503 says:

    uh… are you on crack? this isnt a ps2 game, get your shit straight.

  7. shenendoh says:

    hell this is why people love america