sexy interracial female wrestling

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15 Responses to sexy interracial female wrestling

  1. blackoil911 says:


    yea i heard black women usually are skinnier , and usually breaking their arms or stretching them is the best way to humilaite them

  2. Michele1280 says:

    @Shogun997 appreciate that Shogun black girls toughness ends when you do something to take that sneer off their face. Lock em in a room with a determined white girl and she will find out having an obese ass won’t help her any

  3. Shogun997 says:

    @Michele1280 LOL dont take Jethro seriously, he is just a fake pussy American white with no backbone. He always posts these stupid comments in all interacial wrestling vids. I am a REAL American from South Boston and in my school White kids dominated the school even though it was a 50% even split between blacks and whites.

  4. jethrodassam says:

    @Michele1280 Where I am from the black girls are tough and know how to fight. I learned that the hard way by getting my ass kicked.

  5. Michele1280 says:

    @jethrodassam where i am from there are few whites in nigeria and i have never lost a fight to a black girl. They give up fast when you twist limbs and one punch ends the fight when you hit their face.

  6. jethrodassam says:

    @dexman18 That’s unusual.

  7. jethrodassam says:

    @Michele1280 Black girls usually win.

  8. Sharon4azn says:

    haha (wo)men that looks so perverted ugly scene, white fucks black or black gonna win? dumbasses…

  9. TatjanaGu says:

    das sieht ja aus wie bei uns, beim grf-ringen

  10. Michele1280 says:

    white girls rule

  11. larrylovemeet says:

    sexy ass

  12. cagwa says:

    The white ass dominates

  13. nriable says:

    sexy is right.

  14. Wolfen443 says:

    @dexman18, wrestling skill not race are the reason why in competitive wrestling the often popular Balck Power Sell does not work. Some black girls are better wrestlers than others, that is all.

  15. dexman18 says:

    the white women completely dominates the black girl.