The Totally Rad Show – Sucker Punch | Movie Review

Is Sucker Punch a knockout? How can hot chicks like Emily Browning and Vanessa Hudgens kicking all kinds of sci-fi ass go wrong? Zack Snyder proved he knows how to deliver action on an epic scale with 300, and now he adds scantily clad girls to the mix in his newest balls-to-the-wall action extravaganza, Sucker Punch. It is like this movie was made for them, so is it possible for Alex, Dan, and Jeff don’t like it? Be sure to check back tomorrow when we review Crysis 2!

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25 Responses to The Totally Rad Show – Sucker Punch | Movie Review

  1. CRlSTO says:

    I watched this movie an hour ago, a friend recommended it and he said to me, don’t watch the movie expecting a plot, this is a movie to show amazing shit!, so i watched it with that in mind and it was an awesome experience, i can say its one of my fav action movies

  2. DoshPanda says:

    good friends with emily browning brother

  3. Drew Nichols says:

    What a piece of shit film. One of the worst ive ever seen

  4. Stormwern says:

    ..or a porno if the sex scenes were action.

  5. sweetie pie catalina says:

    i loved this movie it was realy awsome i would love to live in that fantasy world of hers :)

  6. JennaHaze2000 says:

    It sounds like a CGI fuck fest

    I’m not a writter but it cannot be that hard to write a semi interesting storie.
    Give me 50K and a year and I will write one hell of a movie.
    I won’t steal or remake any old franchises

  7. wetdream09 says:

    i wish it was a Hard R like Dawn of the Dead and 300

  8. emmyvonkaulitz says:

    What the fuck how did this movie not make sense.

  9. alex andrews says:

    it was not well choreographed, it had neat special effects and that makes the movie look nice and pretty but the sword fighting was crap the gun shooting had one good shot. first off all these characters suck. fucking vanessa hudgins was the best character there.

  10. alex andrews says:

    This was a terrible terrible boring movie. It was so up its own ass about trying to be deep and hit you hard that it made no sense. it basically boiled down to zach snyder wanted to showoff his action sequences 3 times, and then they decided to try and form a story around it, and then the action was disgusting, ust for the first scene it was very anime. staring at eachother for the longest time and then attacking and when she shot him, she held the gun lke it was going to hurt her, bad casting

  11. jacobbach54 says:

    This movie was border line for me it could have been better but it could have been worse

  12. passcal87 says:

    I loved this movie

  13. serreniy horan says:

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE SUCKEF PUNCH!!!! Rocket and baby doll are my 2 favs

  14. TheDardanianKnight says:

    {My review of this movie} AKA:
    “Things that “Hack” Snyder bit-Off (from other people) while making this movie”:

    1.Giant samurai — Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil” (movie)
    2.Zombie Nazis –”Shockwaves” (horror movie) and the game “Call of Duty”.
    3.Orcs — LOTR (books/movies)
    4.Dragons — “Reign of Fire” (movie).
    5.Robots (train scene) — Ultron: “The Avengers” (comic book)
    6.Futuristic 1950′s noir — BladeRunner (movie)

  15. akissy says:

    People need to think a bit more before commenting. Then again, if you haven’t been in Baby’s situation, where the pain is so unbearable you think you’ll really go mad, you wouldn’t understand the plot of the movie. Just let me place a question: What would you do if you couldn’t bear a situation, and plus you can’t physically escape it, in order to try and survive? Just think a bit about it and maybe you’ll understand the plot.

  16. murdrrify says:

    i think this movie was amazing. i actually bought the blu ray extended cut i loved it so much. it seems like the ppl who dont like this movie, do nothing but complain about it. pretty sad how u go thru ur way just to talk crap about a movie. the plot is great imo. it is a bit challenging to understand fully. its much clearer to understand with the EC. score and songs were awesome. i agree i am eager to c wat he will do w superman. i love all of snyders movies.

  17. seop65 says:

    so its about of hot girls kicking ass in their mind?

  18. hordichuck says:

    FUCK OFF, everytime im looking up people getting flopped on the street by suckerpunches, this shitty film full of no name z list porn actors fills my results bar.

    whos the director i’ll sucker punch that dickhead

  19. sahara88lee says:

    Hey guys, just gonna say, I go to school wit Emily Brownings bro (Matt Browning) We are best friends :D Meet his sis like 7 times

  20. shawandrew says:

    I just watched the movie, and enjoyed the graphics, but really it was like watching a videogame demo. One thing these guys seemed to not understand is that time in the fantasy world move slower than in reality.
    I was a bit annoyed that there was really no point whatsoever to it.

  21. SerpentineZERO says:

    100% agree with Dan on how the characters were rarely in danger, except for the train one.

  22. justajumpingypsygirl says:

    I think the discussion of what the parallel world’s represented afterwards was the most fun part of the food. It makes you discuss. It reminded me of Snatch kinda because the first time you watch it you kinda go what the fuck.

  23. David Berberian says:

    This is one of my favorite movie! I love this movie the action everything I even have it on DVD and what you say is shit!!!!

  24. Christonias13 says:

    Your full of shit, the plot was awesome, and it’s two alternate realities, and I was totally into rocket.

  25. BC2k809 says:

    after watching this movie I felt like I got sucker punched for 11$
    horrible movie