thick women catfight wrestling match – Dee Dee vs Lady T

rare DTL match with strong & tough girls

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25 Responses to thick women catfight wrestling match – Dee Dee vs Lady T

  1. CFSW says:

    I agree. I wish I could find more to watch!

  2. 1963redbull says:

    beauties awesome both girls so CUTES THIGHS and ARMS  great fantasy aggression HAIR PULLING like as true lady t winner grab and forcing pulling to dee dees face to bunnyso hot sexy exciting well chunkies girls THIGHS #1

  3. dxsmackdown8 says:

    more hair pulling PLEASE

  4. Flaforever100 says:

    Ela montou em cima e não deu chance da outra sair de baixo dela. Gosto de ver uma mulher montada na outra e fico excitado.

  5. shadboy says:

    I love this real female wrestling.Like another viewer i do not enjoy the hair pulling.

  6. tomtango77 says:

    Dee Dee prettier, but, she got TOTALLY dominated. ZERO competition for the winner.

  7. yaniska100 says:

    Too much hair pulling, Ruined the damn competition!
    Anyone can pull hair.. That is not Wrestling!

  8. conewells says:

    wow! these gals are serious. thx!

  9. floatingcompassmedia says:

    bully her!!!

  10. MrUncrownedking says:

    thanks for the post

  11. ThomasPresley21 says:

    if you don’t like it
    Watch it

    more hair pulling

  12. BodyBUILDER100000000 says:

    Well done Lady T showed your class over a very aggressive opponent

  13. lezfriend says:

    I love thick women.

  14. frowe327 says:

    Hairpulling should not be allowed, This is a joke!

  15. bilwreo20 says:

    That was an awesome fight, lady t is really hot. Is there a rematch between these two?

  16. MrUncrownedking says:


  17. digschopper says:

    might be good if they didnt look like dwarfs. why post a video if the format is fucked up?

  18. blahblahatt says:

    DEE DEE makes my dick quiver alot. Now these are wrestling women. Not that skinny stuff.
    DEE DEE ‘s legs and butts are a REAL MASTERPIECE. Bathing suits on these women are perfect. What the hell did Lady T say to DEE DEE after she got pushed.  Please do more big girls like this.

  19. blahblahatt says:

    These girls are beautiful BEAUTIFUL!!! pERFECT bodies for fighting and wrestling. DEE is just fuckin awesome. She can sit on my face and shake her ass on it ALL DAY. This match can have you masturbating all night. Thick thighs, butt, and wide hips OMG !!!!! I did want to see Lady T sit on DEE’s face but Dee kept wiggling. I hate that. DAMN !!!!

  20. odraude121212 says:

    Wow! Now that’s a catfight. I LOVE the aggression. For once, a real fight to the end. Thanks for posting!!!! More!!!

  21. pssmedic799 says:

    Nice matchup of women but way too much hair pulling and not enough wrestling…otherwise good video

  22. Czerniakowska says:

    Thanks a lot for this information.

  23. cowdudeable says:

    I filmed this amtch and dozens of others for Delta Tiger Lillies. Would it be fun to start doing that again! Anybody interested?

  24. morbid1 says:

    It was a company called delta tiger lilies.I have an old preview vhs tape from them. The company went under years ago this was taped in the early 1990s. Search around on google and you might find something

  25. lucymcgillicuddy14 says:

    Is it just me or did someone fart BIG TIME at 4:27???