unknown old women submission mat wrestling

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  1. philonutube100 says:

    What happened ? Was that a video about squeaking rubber, thats all I could make out !!!

  2. bisp25 says:

    to bad they wern’t good looking.

  3. Carlbigcock says:

    very sexy fight ! ! !

  4. polypus95 says:

    One of the earliest Virago Wrestling video releases, taped circa 1997-98 in a rented community meeting room in San Rafael, California. The referee is Virago’s founder, the now-legendary Helen von Mott, before she even started training in BJJ, let alone earned her black belt. Tempest, the little blonde, had a cool head and a natural talent for wrestling and could hold her own against bigger women like the brunette amateur bodybuilder, as seen here. The good old days! No script, all real.

  5. thamnosma says:

    wow, too bad the quality is so iffy. Great match.

  6. Escortguy1 says:

    from which year?

  7. leilanimark says:

    As you say, until recently most women video wrestlers knew scissoring and headlocks. The brunette (who could easily pass for a pro wrestler with her physique and one-piece suit) applied a very effective armbar (the blonde kinda knew how to defend against it) -98% of the women wrestlers would would have no idea what to do.

  8. Sharky165 says:

    Totally agree !! In my experience with matches from that era (early ’90s I’m thinking?), the women almost always seem to go for the cliche but ever-popular scissor, ESP. with strong legs like the brunette possesses. Nice to see that she has some wrestling /grappling training beyond scissoring, and seems to enjoy demonstrating it !

  9. Sharky165 says:

    Seems to be a nicely comp. and non-”scripted” match, esp. considering what appears to be a sig. size/strength difference. While not facially gorgeous, the brunette is very sexy; just wonder is she was holding back a bit by not trying to get the blonde into a crushing head or body scissor. Horrible color balance on the blonde’s body, I’m guessing maybe the result of transfer from VHS. Would LOVE to see more of this match if U have it, Wrestlingpunches ??

  10. reneradi says:

    Why has someone marked the comment from “abureich” as spam???? He describes very good this normal hard fought female wrestling, nothing else….. and we eally see very, very good fighting action. What is the reason to mark this as spam????

  11. cliwart says:

    perfect  and sexy fight

  12. grapplingwithyou says:


  13. abureich says:

    Lady in black is Demona
    I’m seeking the match between Helen von AND Demona,anyone could post it?

  14. chakamaus says:

    Lady in black: you are great !!!! What a big victory!

  15. leilanimark says:

    Very nice. Great armbar – a lttle unusual for the times?

  16. womenwrestlingfan says:

    Great vintage amature match!
    I wonder what the the story behind it is?? :)