second round of the nice black vs white girls wrestling event

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23 Responses to ValentinavsZambia-2

  1. Fchiman671 says:

    Maybe technique has something to do with the outcome rather than someones race!

  2. Fchiman671 says:

    Racists are such idiots! Great fight between two very sexy, and angry women. Awesome! Don’t ignorant racist dogs ruin it. A bunch of buzz kills.

  3. hasnaina14 says:

    anybody knows more vids like this ?

  4. doug5759 says:

    black girls always defeat white girls.

  5. higherlift says:

    that black girl is such a loser – cant handle been beaten again.Black people have so much fear in there hearts.

  6. higherlift says:

    white people are best fighters in the world.

  7. GGE47 says:

    About the only thng they can’t do is scratch each other.I don’t notice any long fingernails.If they allowed that they both would have scratches all over them.

  8. hydrolito says:

    @Sharky165 There are some other great matches on youtube try Yuka Tsuji vs Erica Montoya, Kyra Gracie vs Megumi Fujii (both bjj), Sarah Kaufman vs Ginele Marquez, Gina Carano vs Critiane Santos (both mma) and many more.

  9. hydrolito says:

    @GGE47 Some people think tatoos are cute when they are young and some have even covered their face with them and then wonder why they can’t get a job, Also a tatoo they thought was cute at 16 they don’t is so cute when they are 25 and getting it removed.

  10. felipesantos1983 says:

    white girl knockout in the black girl

  11. steengoed says:

    Zambia is beautifull

  12. leilanimark says:

    IMO, this is what will inevitably happen when a brawler / catfighter (like Zambia) meets a moderately skilled wrestler (like Valentina) – the wrestler will win.

    Brutal bodyscisors by the way.

  13. leilanimark says:

    @Sharky165 Good call on Nadege – I also think its her!

  14. GGE47 says:

    The rules allow hair pulling and slapping which is more likely to get tempers to flare up.At least I am glad to see them fighting like girls,instead of guys.I get tired of someone saying “Neither one can fight”Just because they don’t stand toe to toe like boxers,or kickboxing,karate chops or whatever they think fighting is supposed to be like.Let girls be girls and stop trying to make men out of them.I am also glad they aren’t wearing any uuuugggly tatoos.Very unfeminine.

  15. GGE47 says:

    This was a real catfight.It wasn’t just wrestling,there was hairpulling,slapping each other,kicking.They were in a real interacial catfight with tempers flaring.Valentina beat Zambiai 3 rounds to none.Valentina sounds Russian and Zambia sounds African.Where was this match held?Physically they looked evenly matched.

  16. Sharky165 says:

    Agree it was uncalled for, esp. considering the match was over & she’d already won (best of 5 falls, I presume). She kicked her away after the first 2 submissions, but clearly the final kick was the “last straw” for Zambia. Hard to tell if it stemmed from the competition of the match itself, a long-simmering rivalry between them, race, or something else. I think we can all agree that they just don’t like each other, and this match only underscored and intensified that hatred.

  17. Sharky165 says:

    Without a doubt one of the (if not THE) most competitive interracial catfights I’ve seen, certainly on Youtube. Both women are sexy, skilled, strong and fight very hard. Based on the result one has to give the “skill” edge to Valentina.

    A shame it became a brawl after the last fall, but not shocking when pride’s at stake (& money?) and tempers flare. Speaking of the very end of the video, was that a very young Nadege subduing Zambia in a hold to prevent an all-out war ??

  18. magnitomania says:

    like y’all didn’t see the dirty kick the white girl gave at the end

  19. samimiwe says:

    zambia = black & hot !!!

  20. arthie9 says:

    @stefanosdim10 Zambia has such a magnificently beautiful body. i love the skin tone of llight cocoa color and the musculature under the rippling layer of skin. But she is not a very good wrestler. She relies on hair pulling and punches which i find to be offensive to the sport. Her lack of temper control and the tantrums she threw here, should earn her a suspension from DWW and all organized wrestling until she can get some anger managment classes under her bikini bottom.

  21. Spike347 says:

    this is why no one likes black people.

  22. blktuffguy2000 says:

    Wow black girl tried to turn it into a brawl throughout match but whitegirl kept her composure as she knew she was too much for her black opponent she totally dominated her breaking her down to total frustration embarrassment n tears. guess black girl was not use to losing she even flex at end really shows white girl owned the blackgirl

  23. stefanosdim10 says:

    black girl got beaten by the blonde…she was almost crying in the end…