WAW Female Wrestling Mutiny vs Cheryl

Mutiny from Canada comes to WAW to seek out the best. She throws out an open challenge to anyone who thinks they can take her, and her challenge was met in a major way, fellow pro wrestler and former Glow star Cheryl Rusa.

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6 Responses to WAW Female Wrestling Mutiny vs Cheryl

  1. BrookeWrestler says:

    @crushercathy69 i think you can google WAW female wrestling and youll find it there :-) its was for W.A.W that idid that (Mutiny here!)

  2. JohnCaledonia says:

    At 1:32, Cheryl grabs Mutiny by the hair! Then she drags her by the hair and flips her down to the mat by the hair! Then she grabs her by the hair again. Then she flips her down to the mat by the hair again! Ouch! This HAS to hurt!

  3. ceeIoc says:

    Do u have the full match

  4. rwm1 says:

    Great clip. I always love to see Mutiny. And Cheryl still looks great. Excellent action. I especially love the headscissors from Cheryl. Love the attire.

  5. crushercathy69 says:

    LOVE THIS!! I’m becoming a big fan of Mutiny, and I’ve never seen Cheryl look better!!! Anybody tell me what the website link is so I can buy this match?

  6. jgibson69 says:

    Looks like a great match between the cute and highly skilled Cheryl Rusa, vs. my fave girl wrestler from Canada, the awesome Mutiny!!