women’s competitive wrestling. A determined intense girl 1981 classic!

This blonde is confident and Tough the match was filmed on super 8 in 1980

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19 Responses to women’s competitive wrestling. A determined intense girl 1981 classic!

  1. reneradi says:

    I think, it would have been easy for the young girl to get a tap out from Stella by increasing strength of the body scissor, but it seems that she absolutely wanted to finish her older opponent with this hurting and demoralizing longtime hold.

  2. stranraer9 says:

    someone should have shouted for the darker girl to give up , the blonde was way to strong !

  3. Czerniakowska says:

    The 18 year old kid really punished her older and more experienced opponent , not so much with the body scissors, which principally held her captive, but by never letting up on the pressure she was exerting on her neck. That was what finally broke Stella’s will to fight on. An object lesson in when you know that your opponent is hurting, hurt her some more!

  4. ecap124 says:

    Great match..would be soooo much better w/o that jerk shouting in the backround. Thanks for posting it!!!!

  5. Need4Squeeze says:

    Great clip!!!
    Long and intense bodyscissors.
    Thanks for posting it!

  6. Escortguy1 says:

    sexy chic fight

  7. dalekelso says:

    great video. first one i’ve seen of stella losing

  8. lucgerman4 says:

    this is great! can you post some more clips from this fight? perhaps the whole fight in clips? looks like a real classic.

  9. Czerniakowska says:

    I like the way the young blonde apologises to her opponent (at the 2:36 point) and then carries on beating the holy shit out of her.

  10. ian270446 says:

    This was Stella’s 5th competitive wrestling match and Dana’s 3rd, but from what I understand they had both had their share of fighting experience on the streets.

  11. ian270446 says:

    This is the final 5 minutes of a 38 minute battle between 18 year old Dana (the blonde in the bikini) and Zoe (real name Stella Peterson – we were never given her age but probably mid 20s). It was the final championship match of a 6 girl tournament filmed by the legendary Judell DuLong shortly after she moved from California to Montana – I have the full tournament on video, and contrary to the comment by the poster, it was filmed on video and not super 8.

  12. okaaaiiiden says:

    IS there a baby there or somethin?

  13. stortplaats says:

    blond girl is superior

  14. JustGaPaid says:

    domination at it’s best. sexy shit.

  15. femfightfan says:

    Where is this amazing clip from??????
    Never seen anything like it! pure aggressive competitive wrestling from combatants who really want to win! Awesome!!!
    Bring back those days….(!)

  16. leilanimark says:

    This was a great clip. Not only did the body scissor weaken the younger woman, the blonde was pulling on her neck / head. Very aggressive wrestling.

  17. agvoerdict says:

    I would have preferred a mount pin. The scissor girl is strong, but very limited in skills. She’s a headlock/scissor rasslr. If she would compete against a skilled grappler, she would not stand a chance.

  18. femfightfan says:

    This is really reallly awesome man!!!! one of the best I’ve seen?!?! I’ve seen many of these but not as good as this??
    Which company?? it looks like Videosports?? I want the whole video!!!!!

  19. mdl0004 says:

    Is that the sound of a child in the background rooting for his Mommy?? WTH